Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Cobweb walking

Weathering the darkest of days has left me tongue tied; scrabbling for lost syllables with which to weave an intricate web of words from thought to page. I am,as yet, merely cobweb walking; precariously balanced upon the crumbling remnants of a decaying past; my mind still sluggish from Winter's hibernation. 
As the days lengthen, I shed layers as a snake sloughs skin; flooding the house with colour and light to banish those dark shadows lingering in dusty corners amidst the desiccated remains of long dead flies........
.......until, as the Spring sun gently illuminates newly bared skin; warming patio flags, beckoning leaves to unfurl and buds to burst; the birdsong that brings in the morning, brings with it a sense of balance restored.