Friday, 28 February 2014

Ready to exhale

A small white envelope propped up against the fruit bowl greeted me today. Plain, rectangular and entirely mundane; it stood proud amoungst the ephemera of daily clutter that had yet to reach its rightful resting place.

The blue stamp in the top corner gave it an air of importance; the all too familiar hospital trust logo daring me to ignore it at my peril..... My scan results which, in the split second of opening, caused a reaction that betrayed how deeply I had been affected.

There is a moment, always, in reading letters such as these, when you suddenly become entirely aware of the smallest of things; those things that ordinarily are so unremarkable they merit no conscious recognition. My shoulders slowly dropped and relaxed, imperceptibly to anyone watching; but In a way that made me realise that I had been holding every muscle taut since that day last week when the scanning took place.
As the words 'no sign to suggest a return of your cancer' and 'arthritis' blurred on the page; finally I allowed myself to breathe again.

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  1. Good new :) xxx have a lovely weekend. Judyxx