Monday, 17 March 2014


The scream of a vixen woke me,disoriented, from exhausted sleep; moonshine through slatted blinds casting a cool glow upon familiar quilt on unfamiliar bed. A door left ajar carrying the sound of my son's soft breathing from the darkened room beyond.
Ten days and three bedrooms on from the fire that began this nomadic existence, still we live out of suitcases; the kindness and generosity of friends circling round us like a protective shield.
'That which does not kill you makes you stronger;' but for all that, I miss the simple things; clothes uncreased by suitcase folds, my own bed with warm cat curled into my side...
.....yet still we wait; longing to go home once more.


  1. whoa cowgirl, I just read some blogposts, what happened? Do you need a house? I have one...uninhabited for 2 weeks? Call me if you would like to use it. Sending love{*}

  2. Loulouloves you are an angel! We are okay at present, in a friend's 1 bed he is in the process of selling... Glamping it up ;) As to what happened, an arsonist torched a car in our underground parking garage, right next to the meter cupboards... Idiot! It exploded taking out our neighbour's car, and damaging 5 others. The fire was so fierce it melted the sewerage pipes, the electricity cables; but most scarily the gas was burning off in the melting copper pipes! Had our neighbour not seen the smoke when he did, it could've ended in a BIG bang: so in the grand scheme of things, we're pretty fortunate......... Just call me Jonah, eh!! Xx

  3. If you need a bit more room and it's in Rochford, you would be very welcome, it's cosy with big beds and good shower. ;-) BTW does insurance cover you to live in a hotel? I would have thought it would.

    1. You are so lovely , thank you. We still have the cats at home, so go in before and after work to spend time with them. It's a mad life of flat, home, work, home, flat... But hopefully, now the insurance claim has been accepted, there is light at the end of the tunnel xxxx