Thursday, 22 May 2014

The early bird...

As sunlight breaks through skeins of stippled cloud; three young crows sit atop a lamppost, launching themselves in sequence to flap in long lazy circles before coming to rest where first they began.
On the lake below, a cormorant stands perfectly balanced upon a jutting post, its back towards the morning sun, spreading wings and feathers wide to warm each delicate strand.
Cautious cygnets take to the water, crowding round for comfort, paddling in concentric circles under the watchful eye of wary parents.
With legs splayed and wings awkwardly angled,a gaggle of geese come into land, skittering over the surface in a flurry of feathers and furious honking; kicking up the waves to set a flotilla of resting moorhens rocking.
A scattering of starlings appear, winging their way through the winding power lines above, heading for nearby grassland and the promise of plentiful breakfast.

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