Wednesday, 8 July 2015

crow road

I travel the crow road, watched from lampposts and overhead gantries by the silhouettes of dark sentinels; staring motionless as a carriageway of strangers drive in stop, start slow formation ....each in their own self contained world of metal, and morning thoughts. 

At times, leaving their lofty look-out posts, they flap in lazy circles, weaving through pylon strung lines or skimming low over stalled traffic; crowing raucously at we mere mortals stuck behind motionless wheels, staring past lorry backs to the congested road ahead.....despairing of ever reaching our journey's end. .... 

Once, for a fleeting moment, I watched as a young crow with outstretched wings drifted over the hedge and on above the snaking lines of traffic belching fumes and frustration....... then onward to the shelter of tall trees.
In that moment, we truly were traveling as the crow flies.

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