Monday, 5 August 2013

The art of giving....

I enjoy buying gifts; it's truly a selfish act, however; and probably brings me greater joy than the poor recipient! Perhaps it's because I believe I find just the thing... A book, a piece of clothing, a quirky mug, a film.... And then, in the cold light of day, I realise what I am really doing is foisting my eclectic tastes upon unsuspecting friends and family!

My latest offering ( and to my shame, I have given this to multiple recipients) is 'The book of human skin' by Michelle Lovric.
It is a sumptuous delight; shocking at times, yet humorous and compulsive reading. I'm not sure what my mother will make of it!
In my defence, I balanced out my gift by also giving her Tan Twang Eng's 'The garden of Evening Mists'  beautifully written, with an elegance of style which ensured I went scurrying straight back to the bookshop and bought 'The gift of rain'

..... And that's another thing, although Amazon and I are best of friends; nothing quite beats a good bookshop on a rainy afternoon.... The scent of new books, the feel and weight of the pages ; the way time seems to slow as your eyes scan for that special book that you simply must have..... even if you have no idea what exactly it is you came in for.

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