Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dipping my toes....

Yesterday I rejoined the world; city clothes, lipstick smile and genteel heels, a transformation from faded denim and cosy knits. I entered a new place, dry mouthed with the clamouring of pent up butterflies and the weeks of uncertainty,  to see if it were somewhere I could find a re-beginning.
Warmly welcomed , listened to and appreciated; the realisation that those skills I believed faded , jaded and lacking were indeed still sharp and current; breathed life into my shrivelled confidence.
Pitched against an internal candidate, I knew it was not to be; yet perversely it affirmed I am as capable as I once believed, before the maelstrom tumbled me over stones  leaving me battered and bruised.
My city clothes await the next sortie; which may bring me back to the world for good.

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