Thursday, 9 January 2014

Eye spy

From time to time I get the distinct feeling I am being watched by a small, beady pair of eyes, high up where the corner of the wall meets the ceiling.
Like the Cheshire Cat,  a little day Gecko flickers in and out of my peripheral view, scathingly mocking any human attempt to reunite him with his vivarium. He contemptuously ignores anything that moves in his direction; then at that split second when he is just a hair's breadth away, quickly darts to the sanctuary of the bookcase, safe in the knowledge that even the smallest hand in the house is too big to slide into the space between wall and wood.

He seems perfectly content to remain at large for the time being; so I find myself setting out little bowls of  Gecko food daily, like an offering to some Far Eastern deity, to ensure he is well fed; then checking their fullness for signs that he has feasted.

Secretly, I enjoy seeing him dash up and down; the green of his skin in stark contrast to the white wall. Unfettered by glass walls, he is free to roam where so ever he chooses, exploring as yet undiscovered hideaways .

It is becoming clear that there are some attractive advantages to being a gecko!

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