Friday, 20 September 2013

East End

Today I travelled east to where the bright young fashionistas sip bespoke coffee, or stand on cobbled corners sketching the world as it drifts slowly by. I browsed through vintage racks of prints and plains to seek out clothes I'd worn the first time round; and gazed into shop windows filled with sumptuous fabrics from far flung places; crying out to be cut, stitched and shaped in soft folds.
I wandered down sun drenched lanes,where street art and graffiti mark the gritty urban cool of a coveted postal address; stumbling upon little cafes where spice is king and aromas beckon the hungry passer by.
My bag was quickly filled with pungent French cheeses, artisan earrings and soft organic t-shirts; before giving into temptation and snacking on crumbling carrot cake and double espresso to the background sound of indie pop and a spluttering  gaggia.
It  was relaxing; a trip away from the usual to and fro of my humdrum escape to a place of infinite possibilities,that shall be stored carefully away for future reference.

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