Saturday, 7 September 2013


Some say that chicken soup is the panacea for all ills.... but for me it's tomato; slow roasted, fresh from the vine.

The sweetness of red onion, fine chopped and softened in a glug of olive oil, tomatoes scattered with sea salt and added to the pot; no need for chopping, skins hold in the flavour as they cook. Basil and thyme from the garden, crushed garlic and a chilli for warmth.

The kitchen smells of comfort as the oven does its work.... Skins burst, juice mingles, onions and garlic caramelise. Now the stock ; with sugar to cut through the acid and sweeten the mood.. smooth blended, rich and inviting.

A crumble of cheese and tortilla chips to garnish....... et voila! Happiness in a bowl, to warm the heart and banish the dark clouds.

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