Thursday, 12 September 2013

Lazy daze.....

This past week I have become as a cat; curled on soft cushions devouring words and dreaming of warm sun. My book pile grows as I browse reviews; purchasing new worlds and other lives with the tap of a smooth screen, whilst a soft shuffle iPod soothes the silence.
Life has slowed and I walk through my world on unshod feet; wrapped in the comfort layers of  vintage tees and  soft wash denim. Lethargy is king now there are no demands to mark my passing hours, no calls, no meetings, no long corridors to stride in high heels and determined air.

To awake from this lotus eater's existence isn't easy, but today I forced my unwilling body to the gym, to stretch, to glow,to remember true tiredness. A 3k run, a slow hill climb then 20 lengths of the cool blue pool.... Just me, myself and I.
 I felt every step, every stroke, in the smallest of joints, the tightest of muscles; but I also felt refreshed, revitalised and ready to rejoin the world.

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